Another year’s gone by and Dr. Viraparia continues to impress me with her skill as a dentist. I’ve been very pleased with every appointment and she has a way of involving her patient in the decision making process which I appreciate. I don’t have children at home anymore, but if I did, I’d have them see Dr. Viraparia. She is so calm and gentle that I think she would do a wonderful job making a child feel comfortable in the dental chair. I feel lucky that she’s my dentist

Kathryn N.
San Mateo, CA

Dr. Nanjapa is a thorough and customer friendly dentist. My family and I decided to switch and utilize his services after getting care from a local dentist in Fremont for a few years. He is open and honest.

We are very satisfied with the care he has provided to my family. My four year old daughter really enjoys visiting and getting care from him.

Sanjiv D.

My dad got a filling done from Dr. Nanjapa. Dr. Nanjapa is an awesome dentist. He put my dad at ease. He is the best dentist I have ever seen My dad is visiting me from India and suddenly developed pain in several of his teeth. My dad didn’t have any insurance, but their office worked with us on the payments. Dr. Nanjapa’s office felt like a family-owned office. It’s a small office with great expertise. I am very very impressed with their hospitality and welcomeness! I highly recommend Dr. Nanjapa for any dental needs.

R M.

Dr. Nanjapa was fantastic and put me at ease. He was very nice and definitely did his best to make sure I was as comfortable and pain-free as much as possible. The best dentist I’ve ever been to. His staff also was very nice and helpful. Their number 1 priority is making you feel comfortable, welcome and pain free.

The place is super clean with modern equipment. It has a pleasing and comforting feel to it unlike other dental offices which give me anxiety as I enter. The overall experience was so great that I am sure I won’t go anywhere else.

Dr.Nanjapa is awesome! I’ve had work done by him in the past and he did a fantastic job! I wish I lived closer so I could go to him for all my dental work.
I highly highly recommend him.

Denticula I.

The clinic is very clean and organized. The staff was very friendly and helpfull. It has a very convenient location for those who need to get caltrain. Dr. Saboowala, who saw me, is very friendly and professional. She made a big restoration on one of my front teeth and the result was great. I’d definitely recommend them! (Fun fact: My first Yelp review ever was telling how good is the shop where I bought my bike. The second was telling how good is the dentist that fixed my tooth after I fell from it :o))

Maryana A.
San Mateo, CA

Dr. Nanjapa was my first dentist in the bay. He does a great teeth cleaning, is very attentive and not once got impatient amid all my questions.

Vince E.

I like Dr. Nanjapa.

His office is clean and in good order.

He is honest and kind, and made an effort to be available and flexible despite his busy schedule.

I got a crown done last month, and unfortunately the stars appeared alligned against us. One issue after the next kept coming up, from the temporary crown breaking (twice), to the permanent crown not fitting properly, that made for a tiring few weeks of five total appointments.

To his credit, Dr. Nanjapa was extremely available and flexible when it all started going south, and was available by email, and promptly returned phone calls himself. He squeezed me in in a timely fashion, and was always courteous and kind.

I would definitely recommend him.

Nadia H.

Dr. Punal Viralaria helped my friend with his root canal on Friday and was very gentle and my friend was so relaxing and relived to receive awesome care. Today we are back with no infection nor swelling to replace temperary filling with permanent one. My friend has already recommend Dr.Punal to several friends. We have an affordable plan to and a friendly Dentist we trust.

A M.
Palo Alto, CA