“It is impossible not to be astonished by India. Nowhere on Earth does humanity present itself in such a dizzying, creative burst of cultures and religions, races and tongues.” ~ A Rough Guide To India

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Deccan Dental Origins

Nanjapa named his practice “Deccan Dental” as an homage to his roots. He was born in India and lived most of his childhood in its southern peninsula of which the Deccan Plateau is a large part. The name “Deccan” is der ived from the Sanskrit word “ दक्षिण ” (dakshin) meaning “south”. It covers at least 8 Indian States and is located between three stupendous mountain ranges, the Eastern Ghats (Sahyadri), the Western Ghats (Mahendra) and the Blue Mountain (Nilgiris) where they meet at the Doda Beta peak. The southern plateau is r ich in eco and cultural diversity and offers striking contrasts in respect of race, language and social customs of the north. The blend of different languages, traditions and cuisines gives this area a culture and heritage that is both unique and intriguing. It has a colorful history dating back centur ies. And the next time you take in the aroma of the spices, the defining character istic of Indian cuisine, know that most are from the verdant spice plantations of the Deccan Plateau. The only way to take in this breathtaking ensemble of variety is to visit the Deccan Plateau.

Dr. Nanjapa was born in India where he earned his dental degree from MAHE, India. He moved to the US in 1998 and received a Masters in Dental Biomaterials at University of Alabama, Birmingham in 1999. Dr. Nanjapa went on to complete a three year program in Advanced Prosthodontics from University of Illinois, Chicago. After 4 successful years in private practice and teaching at College of Dentistry, Chicago, he moved to the Bay Area in 2007. In early 2011 he left the private practice he had been working at in San Francisco to start “Deccan Dental” here in San Mateo. He also maintains a part time faculty position at College of Dentistry, UCSF. Today he continues to live in the Bay Area with his wife, Hina and daughters Meera and Saira.

Meet The Dentists & Staff

Samir Nanjapa, DDS MS

Dr. Nanjapa completed his initial dental training in India. Following that he received a Masters in Dental Biomaterials at Univeristy of Alabama at Birmingham. In 2003 he received both a DDS license and a Certificate in Advanced Prosthodontics from University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2007, after 4 years in private practice and teaching as an Assistant Clinical Professor at College of Dentistry, Chicago, he made the move to the Bay Area. Dr. Nanjapa spent 4 years as an associate at private practice in San Francisco while also teaching as an Associate Clinical Professor at College Of Dentistry, UCSF. In early 2011 he left the San Francisco practice to start his own in San Mateo. He moved to this new space in September 2013 and decided to rename his practice “Deccan Dental” . He continues to maintain a faculty position at UCSF. Today he continues to live in the bay area with his wife, Hina and two daughters Meera and Saira.

Pinal Viraparia, DDS

Dr. Viraparia completed her dental training at UCSF followed by residency program in Advanced Education in General Dentistry in 2012. Additionally, she also completed a Masters in Public Health from the University of Florida in 2008. Her passion is practicing general dentistry and helping people smile again. She also enjoys working with new technology in dentistry including CAD/CAM, lasers and implant restorations. She lives in Bay area with her husband and enjoys hiking, snowboarding, cooking and reading in her spare time. Dr. Viraparia also participates in many community events helping people in need. Most importantly, please be assured that she shares Dr. Nanjapa’s philosophy of providing you with the best possible dental care, and that emphasis on excellence will be the hallmark of her practice.


I’m SO PLEASED to have found such a GREAT new dentist! Dr.Viraparia is just wonderful as well as her assistant Winnie! After having ignored my dental health for five years (and always dreading the thought of going to the dentist), I feel so fortunate to have found Deccan Dental and Dr.Viraparia. I feel I am in the BEST of hands! Not only has my treatment been painless and thorough, the whole office exudes professionalism and friendliness. The office itself is lovely and even has beautiful artwork hanging on the walls that I enjoy as a ‘bonus’….

Going to THIS dental office is pleasure

W. Nokes
La Honda, CA
This dental office is amazing. My doctor was Dr. Saboowala. Due to my exam results i have to visit them several times. I liked their approach. I had to do a lot of work and they referred me to different doctors, who were also amazing and professional. Doctor Saboowala was very patient and try to do all work correctly. I had to do several crowns. Some crowns come back from lab and Doctor felt they were not fitting correctly, she just simply send them back to redo them. I want to mention the staff. All assistants were friendly and receptionist always promptly reminded about my appointments. Very good experience for me. I would definitely come back to them.
Aliaksei K
San Mateo, CA
Dr Nanjapa has been my dentist for a very short time, but I’m really happy I chose him. This weekend I broke a tooth in half. I left a message with their service and within a short period he called me back and agreed to meet with me later that afternoon. I wanted the tooth pulled. As a stage 4 lung cancer patient there is no reason to try and save teeth at this point. He got it. Only too often dentist want to save the teeth at all costs but he understood and was able to remove the tooth without debate. I appreciated that. I would highly recommend him if your looking for a new dentist.
Rosa S
Pacifica, CA
Dr. Nanjapa is a thorough and customer friendly dentist. My family and I decided to switch and utilize his services after getting care from a local dentist in Fremont for a few years. He is open and honest.

We are very satisfied with the care he has provided to my family. My four year old daughter really enjoys visiting and getting care from him..

Sanjiv D
Fremont, CA
I did not see dentist for a long time. Today I saw Dr. Saboowala who is Dr. Nanjapa’s associate. She did very great job for me. She did my 3rd molar extractions without pain and she did 2 fillings for me which look like my nature teeth. I highly recommend to see her. She is very nice and patient.
Cherry H
San Bruno, CA
My dad got a filling done from Dr. Nanjapa. Dr. Nanjapa is an awesome dentist. He put my dad at ease. He is the best dentist I have ever seen My dad is visiting me from India and suddenly developed pain in several of his teeth. My dad didn’t have any insurance, but their office worked with us on the payments. Dr. Nanjapa’s office felt like a family-owned office. It’s a small office with great expertise. I am very very impressed with their hospitality and welcomeness! I highly recommend Dr. Nanjapa for any dental needs.
San Mateo, CA
Dr. Nanjapa was fantastic and put me at ease. He was very nice and definitely did his best to make sure I was as comfortable and pain-free as much as possible. The best dentist I’ve ever been to. His staff also was very nice and helpful. Their number 1 priority is making you feel comfortable, welcome and pain free.

The place is super clean with modern equipment. It has a pleasing and comforting feel to it unlike other dental offices which give me anxiety as I enter. The overall experience was so great that I am sure I won’t go anywhere else.

Neha A
Jersey City, NJ
This dentist is wonderful. I went in as a new patient and was impressed by Dr. Samir’s work. He is not only well knowledgeable but sincere and patient.

Soon my husband and my son became his patients. The office is nice cozy and friendly. Great for accommodating appointments.

DrKay S
San Mateo, CA
I had not been to the dentist in 20 years! For good reason, they are scary! However, I finally bit the bullet and through a friend found Dr Nanjapa. Wow…

Don’t even know how to put it into words…

Somehow he has made me so comfortable going to the dentist that after my first 4 visits I opted to have future visits do more than one tooth, and I would sit in the chair for hours, literally hours, relaxed the entire time. No pain, seriously, and I am a big baby.

He is very fair on cost and works with you. I would recommend him to everyone. Hope you give him a try. After 20 years my horrible teeth are beautiful, I smile bigger, and no longer have that sense of impending doom a week before the appt.

Julie H
San Francisco, CA
Dr.Nanjapa is awesome! I’ve had work done by him in the past and he did a fantastic job! I wish I lived closer so I could go to him for all my dental work. I highly highly recommend him.
Los Angeles, CA

Patient Comforts

Web Connectivity
Enjoy free wi-fi while at the clinic. Ask our front desk for the login details
Noise Reduction
We use state of the art hand drills that have significant reduction in vibration and sound for added patient comfort.
Audiovisual Entertainment
The ceiling mounted TVs in each treatment room allow you to browse a selection of entertainment choices, a perfect distraction while complete your dental treatment.
Chair Comfort
You will relax into our comfortable top of the line adjustable chairs that are upholstered with the softest of leather. All patients are offered protective darkened eyewear to dampen the glare of the light.
For Kids
The lobby offers TV entertainment for the kids. Our kids nook is stocked with toys and books to keep them occupied.
Pain Management With Nitrous Oxide Gas
Nitrous Oxide has been the primary means of sedation in dentistry for many years. It is a non-irritating, odorless, and colorless gas which you can breathe. Nitrous oxide is safe, the patient receives oxygen with no more than 60% nitrous oxide. You are able to breathe on your own and remain in control of all bodily functions. In some cases patients can fall asleep.
Clinic Environment
We maintain a clean calming environment. There are many pieces of art for your to enjoy along with a panoramic view of the city. The music we play is serene and calm adding to a spa like feel. The clinic is spacious and airy with plenty of natural light.
Language Assistance
At least one staff member or dentist can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi and Gujurati. If you prefer to converse in one of these languages please request that you are treated by a staff member who speaks your preferred language and we will be happy to set up your appointment accordingly.
Radiation Exposure
Our digital x-ray machine exposes you to almost 90% less radiation than a typical radiograph. We use a convenient mobile unit so that you don’t have to move out of your chair every time we need an x-ray!

Our Care Quality

Infection Control

Infection control is of prime importance in this practice. Every member of staff will receive training in all aspects of infection control, including decontamination of dental instruments and equipment, as part of their induction program and through regular update training, at least annually. Although the principles of infection control remain unchanged, we perform a continuous evaluation of our current infection-control practices to include the use of new technologies, materials, equipment, and data . We work on specific strategies directed to preventing the transmission of pathogens among our providers and patients.

Data Protection

Record Keeping: Our office uses electronic record keeping along with minimal manual filing. We follow all laws put forth by the State of California and the the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), including maintaining an offsite backup storage system and an image mechanism that is able to copy signature documents, and a mechanism to ensure that once a record is input, it is unalterable. We have developed and implemented policies and procedures to include safeguards for confidentiality and unauthorized access to electronically stored record, authentication by electronic signature keys, and systems maintenance. Original hard copies of patient records are destroyed once the record has been electronically stored. The printout of the computerized version shall be considered the original. Patient access: Upon presentation of a written request, a patient or patient’s representative has the right to inspect the patient’s records. We may ask payment for reasonable clerical costs incurred in locating and making the records available. A patient or patient’s representative is also entitled to a copy of the patient’s record, once a written request is presented to the office. All reasonable costs incurred by the our office to provide the copies may be charged to the patient. This includes the cost of copying x-rays. Retention & Disposal: Records are kept for seven years if the patient is inactive or is discharged. Records of un-emancipated minors are kept at least one year after the minor has reached the age of 18 years, and in any case, not less than seven years.
Confidentiality Policy

At this practice, the need for the strict confidentiality of personal information about patients is taken very seriously. All members of the practice team must comply with the safeguards in place as a part of their contract of employment or contract for services with the practice.

Health And Safety Policy

Our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. We also accept our responsibility for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by our work activities. This policy applies to all employees of the practice, dental associates, dental hygienists and other contractors providing services to the practice, such as anesthetists.
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